Delicious summer dessert- eton mess.


This is a delicious,light summer treat. bags of flavour,fresh fruit.. simply glorious, and so sooo easy to make.


500g of fresh strawberries-cut in quarters

2-3 tbsp of sugar

vanilla pods out of 1 vanilla stick

2 tbsp of strawberry liquieur

150ml of fresh cream- whipped

1 big meringue per person.


marinate the strawberries in sugar, vanilla and liquieur. leave them for about 10 min in the fridge. crush the meringues into smaller and bigger chunks( you don’t want just powder, leave some bigger pieces in it too).  Mix meringue with the cream- gently , don’t knock the air out. drain the fruit, and mix them through. spoon into glasses. you can add a few chunks of meringue and a spoonfull of the strawberry liquid, before serving:) so good!


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  1. Holy- that looks absolutely deliciou….

    Sorry, I trailed off mid sentence there as I started drooling on myself.

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