Healthy&delicious brocolli soup with cheese


This soup is so easy, and so full with vitamins and flavour. who say’s healthy food can’t be delicious? certainly not me. I refuse to compromise on flavour πŸ™‚ here is what you’re going to need to make this healthy soup

1 large brocolli

1l of chicken or vegetable stock- you decide

1 clove of garlic

1 spring onion

salt,pepper to taste

20 mls of cream.

cheese- top top with. do we make it? first of all, bring the stock up to the boil, add the cut brocolli to it, as well as the spring onion. simmer until brocolli is cooked-not mushy like baby food though πŸ™‚ about 10 min is enough. add minced garlic. blend the soup until smooth. season to taste wtih salt and pepper, in the end- add cream, it will make the soup wonderfully lucious. You can top the soup with cheese-like I do, but it’s optional, you can use garlic croutons, some freshly chopped spring onions, crispy bacon, or whatever you like really. you can leave it pure if you like. it’s all up to you- that’s why this soup is so great, it’s very versatile. you can also replace brocolli with any other veg you like- according to your mood.. for example- peas,aspargus,caulliflower,carrot,pumpkin πŸ™‚ Β it’s all healthy and delicious, good luck with it.


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