Thai Green Curry – a quick&easy taste of Thailand.


Who doesn’t like a good curry? I think we all do. I love indian and thai curries, but I don’t always have two hours to make them.sometimes I want something to eat and I want it fast. That’s when I make a thai curry. I make my own curry paste in advance, and I never have to worry about whipping up a dinner in 20 min! here we go..

so you have two options. you can make your own curry paste,which is dead easy, or just buy one in the shop.both have advantages.. if you make one- you have the option of bragging that you’ve made it,and you also know exactly what goes in it. on the other hand- if you buy one, it’ll probably taste the same, but it stays good the choice is yours.I am going to add a recipe for a green thai curry paste just in case someone wants to go all ambitious 😉

thai green curry paste:

2 big green chillies- de-seed if you don’t like so much heat.

bunch of fresh corriander

few leafs of sweet thai basil

1-2cm of fresh galangal ( it’s similair to ginger..if you can’t get it-use ginger instead)

3-4 lime leafs

6-7 white peppercorns

3-4 garlic cloves

1 shallot

1 piece of lemon grass

2 tbsp of fish sauce

juice of 1 lime

1 tbsp of sesame oil

1tsp of ground cumin

1 tsp of sugar.

so…what you do is just roughly chop all those things and then blend them all together until they make a paste 🙂 done, how easy is that? if you want to make a red thai curry paste, add red chillies instead, 1 tsp of tomato purée, I add a tsp of smoked paprika powder, the rest remains the same. then-you have a red paste. You can blend the ingredients or use a mortar. it really doesn’t matter.

TIP: if you’re out of time or plain lazy- and you want a ready made paste, go for brand called “thai kitchen” (picture below) it’s very good, costs about 2,50 eur per pot that lasts for about 2 big pots of curry, I use that brand in times of distress 🙂

they also have a red curry paste variant.

Now, we have our do we make a curry? so simple. it’s going to be a chicken curry, with a few veg..

ingredients? there you go

3 chicken fillets-diced

handful of sugar snaps

cup of peas

cup of baby corn

1 spring onion

1 can of coconut milk.

handful of fresh corriander

so..we heat up a deep pan. we add a tad of oil into it. then we add 2 heaping spoons of curry paste and stir it through to losen it up and warm the spices through to start doing their magic. we throw the chicken in. after it’s browned, we add the spring onion and the veg. we sauté them off for 2-3 more minutes. we add the milk and stir the whole thing, so the paste and milk combine and make sauce. when the chicken is cooked through and veg is cooked but still crunchy, turn the heat off and add the fresh corriander. serve with rice. it’s so soooo good!

TIP: if you like a lot of heat, just add more paste to your curry 🙂



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