Autumn urges and a risotto.


Autumn goodness…mushroom risotto..


Normally I want to forget about autumn, I want to have vibrant, spicy, zingy food. I want limes, chillies, I want corriander.. I miss summer. Today I want to embrace autumn in all its glory. I want something seasonal, hot, warm, something that makes me feel fuzzy.. as if christmas was coming.. Here’s my take on an italian classic- mushroom risotto. Enjoy.


Ingredients for 4-5 people


500g risotto rice (use arborio or carnerolli)

about 1,3 – 1,4 l of stock (chicken or vegetable,it’s up to you)

500 g of fresh mushrooms (I used regular button mushrooms and some oyster mushrooms too)

about 3 handfuls of dried porcini mushrooms

2-3 sticks of thyme

1 stick of rosemary

3 cloves of garlic

3 onions, very finely chopped

3 sticks of celery,very finely chopper.

Cold butter, to finish it off

Parmezan cheese.


Most people are afraid of a risotto, you shouldn’t. It’s such a laid back dish, but you do need to watch over it. It’s 20 min you have to forget about your phone, don’t answer the door and keep stirring. It’s worth it though.


First- bring the stock to the boil and pop the dried mushrooms into it. They’ll give off a wonderful woody aroma and dark,rich colour, that’ll dye the risotto, oozing into it. Let it boil for 10-15 min. remove the mushrooms from the stock,chop finely.


Chop the onion,celery,garlic and fry off in a big pot,add the dried mushrooms you’ve soaked and chopped.add the fresh chopped mushrooms as well.( I have a 7l le creuset cast iron pan, and it’s perfect. It’s important that it has a thick bottom and high sides).

Fry off for about 10 min.

Add herbs. It’s like making a sofrito for a paella really. You’re creating basis of flavour. Then add the rice. Coat it well and fry off for about 2-3 min. make sure its coated well before you start adding the rich stock. Add bit by bit. When rice starts to look thirsty- add another splash. Until you’ve finished the stock. The rice should be ready in about 19 min.

Keep tasting, add pepper. When the rice is cooked, check if the risotto needs more liquid- risotto needs to be oozy, not sludgy and dry. It needs to be wavy. So add some water if you think it needs it. Pop some cold butter into it. About 50g and stir it through. Add the parmezan as well ( about 20-30 g maybe). Keep tasting. At the end- check if it needs more salt- don’t salt before- as the cheese is pretty salty. You can add fresh parsley if you wish.


Serve in a deep plate, with some extra cheese on top. Perfect autumn meal,at least for me. Always a cracker. J here’s a picture of my risotto. enjoy!


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