I’m back! with a lovely chicken quiche… ;)


Hello everyone,


I’ve been gone for sometime! Been busy with life.Sorry! Now I’m back with my new recipes, and my own pictures ( allow the poor quality,I’m doing my best here!) so here is my chicken quiche..everyone will love it 😉




175 g plain flour

60g butter

2 tbsp of cold water to bring the pastry together.

pinch of salt



2 chicken breasts, cooked and ripped

2 handfulls of green peas

3 spring onions chopped

7 eggs

200ml of whisking cream

1 tsp of dijon mustard




so, how do we make this baby? it’s certainly not hard. First of all pastry, it seems complicated- but it’s really not, and you get so much satisfaction from making it by hand (by all means,if you don’t want to bother with this step- buy ready-made pastry).

put flour into a big bowl,add salt and crumble in the cold butter. rub your fingers together(your thumb and index index finger),just as if you were making a crumble.then add the water and mix with your hand until it just starts to come together. then knead the dough on a slightly flour-ed surface, wrap in cling film and leave to rest for 20 min in the fridge. after that time, roll it out, place in a buttered tin(round) and blind bake for 25 min in 220C. then remove the baking paper with beans,rice w/e you use to blind bake it, and bake it normally for 15 more minutes in reduced temperature of 185C.

After that time the pastry will just start to cook,it will be slightly golden.

after those 15 min, take it out of the oven, place chicken,peas and onions in the bottom of the tin. whisk eggs,cream.mustard,salt,pepper and herbs of your choice together(I recommend oregano,basil,thyme) and poor over the chicken. bake for 40 min in 185C. after that time the egg mixture should be set, and the edges will be golden. 🙂

Quiche should be served at a room temperature, and should be forked, perfect served with green salade with simple dressing on it. Ideal for lunch,always a showstopper! Here is my quiche, good luck making your own. (the photograph is my property).



Bon appettit!



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