Le creuset cast iron casseroles/dutch ovens review.


Hello lovelies,

Today I’ll add a review on a product that’s very close to my heart. Meaning le creuset cast iron casseroles/pans.

For me a kitchen is incomplete without a big, cast iron casserole ,standing proudly on a stovetop in all its glory.

As a beginner foodie & a teenager, I’ve sat at home, watching Nigella bites, forever summer, Nigella express and Jamie Oliver, and seen those lovely pans in every one of those shows. I thought to myself – there’s gotta be something about them if every chef I see on tv uses one. And I never stopped wanting one ever since.

Stylish, efficient, pretty.. sounds like my perfect pot. It wasn’t until last year that I got my ‘’first le creuset’’. Now I can’t imagine cooking without it. I’m not trying to sound snobby or snooty.. they’re just fabulous.

I own a purple deep casserole, about 34cm diameter, 6,7 l can go into it, and a shallow casserole, 30cm diameter, rich blue. I can’t stress how I love the choice of vibrant, zingy colours. That’s the first thing that hits you about them.

Then I cooked in them and I was amazed how well they distribute heat, and keep the temperature after you turn the gas off. The food is warm for hours.

Heavy, iron lid helps you keep the temperature, and keeps your food moist. The enamel layer is really easy to clean and does not absorb any smells. And yes, I’ve tested it for it. (I’ve kept a spicy,garlicy,oniony curry in it for 2 days. Not a hint of smell on the pot itself. This is a major plus point for me itself.

Another thing I love about this casseroles are how big and ‘’spacious’’ they are. I can really cook a huge meal for 8-10 people in my big casserole and still have leftovers.

They’re beautiful, handy, efficient, they store heat very well, they don’t absorb smells.. can this get any better? Yes. You can freeze in them, use them in the oven, on the stovetop- gas, electric, induction plate- doesn’t matter, those babies do it all, and do it well.

There’s something nostalgic about them.. they make me think of a retro kitchen.. my grandma making a big stew, standing over a big red le creuset pot.. I remember it well, and it makes me feel very good about owning or two as well.

So, on top of all that goodness- you get a lifetime warranty on them. And yes,yes we know how it is with warranties.. but they are really.. everything-proof. My grandma has had one for.. as long as I can remember so good 25 yrs, my mother in-law has one since 1970’s and still uses it when we come over for a family dinner.

I think that’s the beauty of le creuset pans. They’re timeless, they’re beautiful.. you can cook in them, and serve in them straight to the table. They look proud and glorious. They come in so many colours that everyone can find something for themselves.. from classic oranges and reds, through greens, blues, yellows to cassis-purple.

I love them, and so should you. There are so many products le creuset makes, not only dutch ovens/cast iron casseroles. They make griddle pans, frying pans, kettles, pie dishes, tart dishes, ramekins, spoons,spatulas and even porcelain baking beans! It’s a really wide range of products, and it’s worth taking a look into.

Now, are they expensive? Yes, I suppose they are, but I can honestly say I’d rather spend a big amount once, and have a lovely pot like that for the next 30 yrs, then to buy a new knock-off each year.

Where can you buy them? You can buy them through the official le creuset site, in shops with pots and cooking accessories, or sites like amazon.com, amazon.co.uk. it’s really worth it.

There’s one sentence that explains it all about a good le creuset cast iron casserole, and my father in-law said it when I cooked dinner for him and his wife, and put my 7l cassis cast iron casserole on the table… he said ‘’ what a beautiful pan!’’, and I agree completely.

Go get yourself one ;)no kitchen is complete without it.


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