Dinner omlette? why the hell not!?

I think everyone is busy nowadays..late hours,busy jobs,social lives.In the end you compromise what you eat,you resolve to fast foods, cause you think no home made meal can be made in 15 min, at least not a quality one. well, you're wrong ;) the other day I was so hungry, my hands were shaking. and I had no idea for dinner..anything I could think of was about 1,5 hr away and I was dying. I looked at what I have, red kidney beans, bacon, half a green pepper, onion, eggs, spices. and it came to me- I'll make a mexican style omlette ;) here's how I did it:


about 100g of bacon of your choice
8 eggs
half a green pepper
1 large onion
1 can of kidney beans - 400g
salt,pepper,smoked paprika
optional- few sun dried tomatoes (I added them just for the zing)

I fried up diced onion with diced pepper, and after 3 min when they softened I added sliced bacon and drained beans. I just waited till the bacon was just a tad fried and beans warmed through,added the sun dried tomatoes (6-7 or so) and poured over 8 eggs I whisked with pepper,paprika powder and a tiny bit of corriander and cumin powder.
I moved the eggs around for the first 30 in the pan,to mix with the ingredients, and let it set for about 8 min, with a lid on. Popped it under the a hot grill for 2-3 min just so the top sets, and its ready. (you can add some cheese on top if you'd like).

it's so filling and delicious by itself, serves 4, you can serve it with a simple green salade and a couple of tortillas, it's perfect as lunch or dinner. I really encourage you to try it. it's super fast.

here's how it looked- sorry for the dirty plate in one pic,it was already my second piece :p 

what a dirty, dirty plate :P sorry guys.



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