Need a dinner idea? stuffed aubergine with meat,peppers and parmezan.


I love to cook in the oven. Just pop something in, and leave it to cook for a while,don’t have to worry about it. Minimum effort- maximum pleasure. This dish is a little multi-cultural, a bit of greek, a bit of italian and a bit of middle eastern, but it works well. serves 4.


2 ripe aubergines

1 large red pepper

meat of your choice(I used lamb I had from the greek bbq I made the night before, you can use minced beef,minced lamb,chicken or leave the meat out if you wish, it’s all up to you).

1 onion

dried basil,oregano 1 tsp of each

ground cumin, ground corriander- 1 tsp of each

chili powder 1 tsp

fresh garlic 2 cloves

cheese to grate on top- I used parmezan (you can use any type of cheese you’d like, feta would be great)

salt,pepper to taste.

some olive oil- about 3 tbsp

This is dead easy. I cut the aubergines lenghtways, and scooped the flesh, salted the aubergines slightly and let it ooze some juice out.(about 15 min) then washed off the salt and dried the aubergine off with a kitchen towel. I oiled the inside(they’ll drink the oil up).seasoned the inside with salt,pepper and rubbed the dried herbs and spices on the inside.

I shredded the leftover lamb we had from the bbq and tossed it in some extra herbs and crushed garlic. mixed it with sliced onion.

I pre-baked the aubergine for about 20 min in 180C, then took them out and popped the meat inside, put some red pepper on top (slice it however you want to) and grated some cheese over. (you can see I didn’t put cheese on all of them, solely because one of the people I cooked it for doesn’t like it.) baked it for 30 more minutes in 175C.

you can serve it with a simple green salade, or a greek style salade of cucumbers,tomatoes and feta cheese. You can also crumble feta over the aubergine instead of parmezan.I just like the flavour.

this dish goes well with cous cous as well 🙂  here it is! enjoy!


before putting it in the oven:


and after taking it out 🙂


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