Satisfy your sweet-tooth with a cherry,vanilla&choc cake ;)


So, I’ve been posting a lot of recipes about savoury stuff, here’s something for all of you candy,cake and whatever else is sweet lovers. here’s my cherry cake, with vanilla filling, and chocolate-almond frosting πŸ™‚


what do you need? here are the ingredients:

ingredients for 4 sponge-bases.(you have to figuer it out by yourself,as you only know how big your tins are, etc. it’s just a basic sponge recipe). here’s a recipe for itΒ

250mls of whipping cream

50g of sugar

tsp vanilla extract

400g cherries (I used cherries I had from making home-made cherry liquieur, use fresh ones or cherry jam if you like).

some cherry liquieur for soaking the sponge

250g of chocolate

60g of butter

sprinkles or nuts to finish it off (optional) but it helps to cover the cake up if you did a bad job icing it-like I did.



so, after your sponges are baked and cooled, it’s time to assemble the cake. whip the cream up adding sugar and vanilla. prepare the cherries(add some sugar to them if they’re fresh) if it’s cherry jam, losen it up with a spon so it’s easier to smear it on.

lay some baking paper on a plate, then place first sponge on it, soak with with some cherry liquieur and add half the cream.smear it and place another sponge on top. soak it with more booze and smear the cherry jam on it. place another sponge on, soak again and add the remaining cream. then place the last sponge and squish slightly,soak the top if you wish.


the icing is fairly easy, just melt butter and chcoolate together.I added some almond extract just cause I like it- you don’t have to. once its melted, set it aside and let it cool. when its set but smearable, smear the cake. I did a terrible job at it, so I covered it with choc sprinkles to cover it up πŸ˜‰ you can use crushed hazelnuts or walnuts though, it’ll taste great. I let it set in the fridge for about 2 hrs later, then its ready to cut πŸ™‚

don’t judge me, I’m not a pastry chef, so it looks amateur-like, but it tastes lovely!




so here’s my attempt of a cake :p hope you like it. I usually cook savoury stuff,not much of a pastry chef, so don’t hate on me for it πŸ˜‰ have a nice day.


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