Perfect schnitzel & tips how to prepare it ;)


Everyone loves a pork chop. And why wouldn’t we? There’s so many things you can do with it. For example: a schnitzel. It’s a simple thing to make, but it’s crunchy on the outside, soft inside, packed with flavour. It hits all the right spots, at least to me.

So today I’ll give you a few tips on how to make a perfect porkchop schnitzel.

First of all, chose the right cut, I’d go for a lean cut. Like a pork medallion.

You should give it a good bashing until it’s really thin maybe 2-3mm thin, then it’s only a matter of minutes when it’s cooked.

Once you bashed it properly, season it, with salt and pepper, I like to add some chili, smoked paprika, but you’re free to use any type of seasoning you like. Curry powder, cumin, ground corriander- all’s good, but I find it the best when it’s just simple salt and pepper.

Once your schnitzel is seasoned, it’s time for breading it. Prepare a bowl with flour (plain flour) one bowl with a beaten egg with a teaspoon of mustard added to it(mustard is optional you can leave the egg plain) and one bowl with breadcrumbs in them. Type of breadcrumbs is up to you. You can use fresh or processed, store bought, whatever you like. I like the store-bought ones, as they’re finer and they crisp up nicely.

Coat your meat with flour (cover all spots, it has to be covered well) in the meantime, heat up your oil (considerable amount, it shouldn’t be fried on a dry pan).

Once the meat is floured, dip it in egg, and dip it well, so all spots are ‘’egged’’ 😉

Then pop into the crumbs and also cover it well, pressing the meat down slightly, just so the crumbs stick.

Then pop it into the hot oil. It’ll cook very quickly, so keep an eye on it. It should take about 3-4 min on one side, and 2-3 on the other. Once the bread crumbs are golden brown, it’s ready. Then take it off, put it on a kitchen towel, so the excess oil leaks off, it’s ready to serve. Best when hot.

A traditional wiener schnitzel ( from Vienna, Austria) is huge, as big as a plate, served plain or with fries, and a big wedge of lemon, to squeeze over the meat. Pork is rich and the coating is too, so it gives it a nice vibrant zing, also it leaves your palate clean and fresh.

You can serve it just as it as, with a salade, fries, whatever you want really. I often eat mine in a bun, with some lettuce and tomato. This time I served it with a simple tomato salade, with feta cheese, fresh black pepper, and a wedge of lime of course!

Hope you enjoy it , here’s how it looked ( it was amazingly delicious 😉 )







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