As promissed, my goulasch soup :)


it’s so lovely and filling and autumnish! all I did is fried up 3 onions with 3 sticks of celery and 3 carrots (all chopped finely). added beef which I seared before, a can of chopped tomatoes and a liter of beef stock. spices- chili,cumin,paprika powder,garlic,pepper,salt. boiled it for 2 hrs 20 min, then added chopped bell peppers (2) and a few diced potatoes. and boiled it until potatoes were cooked. so easy.. a full, detailed recipe you can add in one of my previous posts. here’s how it looked. perfect as it is, even better with some sour cream! 🙂


it becomes so lovely and thick, as the celery, onions and carrots almost melt and thicken the soup up, also the potatoes release their starch and make the whole lot even more lucious. I can’t recommend this soup enough 😉 here’s how it looked, sprinkled with some fresh chili flakes.




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