Creamy mushroom pasta in 15 minutes. Gotta give it a try!


Sometimes we need a quick meal. Something to give us energy, there is no reason you should compromise the quality of what you eat though. There are plenty of things you can make in 15 minutes, that are still healthy, and most of all- delicious.

Last time I showed you a mexican style omlette. Today I’d like to show you my 15 min mushroom pasta.


What will you need?


110g pasta per person, I used spaghetti

300g of mushrooms of your choice, I used normal button mushrooms

1 large onions

1 clove of garlic

200mls of cream


some dried thyme

fresh parsley.


Start off with cooking your pasta. It usually takes 10-11 min to cook, in that time your sauce will be ready. Turn the heat on under your pan and throw in diced onion, sweat it off.add garlic, thyme. Add sliced mushrooms and brown slightly. They’ll ooze water, I like to leave it there, as it’s pure mushroom flavour. Then I add a lot of black pepper and cream. Simmer for 10 min until its reduced slightly, then salt it to taste and add fresh green parsley, leaving a few pieces for decoration.


Drain the pasta and toss in the sauce so it’s coated well. Decorate with parsley.

Those are very simple, clean flavours, so don’t expect God knows what from them. 😛  I think that’s the beauty of it, cause the dish is uncomplicated. It tastes of mushrooms, hint of garlic and thyme, creamy finish,black pepper and a touch of parsley. Sounds dead simple but those are the flavours that marry very well with mushrooms.

Delicious, simple, quick, no you have no excuse to eat pot noodles 😉 here’s how it looked,

( pardon my plating skills 😉 )




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