Meatball surprise ;)


Meatballs. I love them. Even though some people might think they’re dull , I still can come up with many ways to make a meatball interesting. My favourite way of pimping up a meatball is to stuff something inside of it, so when someone cuts into it- there’s a little surprise hidden in it 😉

I’ve stuffed many things into many meatballs in my short life, but today I’d like to show you a mushroom-surprise meatball 😉 it’s dead easy, and packed with flavour. Let’s get started.


You’ll need:


500g beef mince

1 egg

50mls of milk

3-4 tbsp of breadcrumbs

1tbsp of dried or fresh parsley, chopped.

14 button mushrooms

1 small onion


oil to fry on

3 cloves of garlic.


This couldn’t be easier. First remove the legs from the mushrooms and brown the mushrooms from both sides on a bit of oil, seasoning them well with salt and pepper. Once they’re browned, set them aside to cool.

Chop the remaining legs and fry them off along with the onion (chop it very finely). Season that to taste.

Once the mushrooms and the mushroom legs&onion is cooled, proceed with the mince. Add the mince to a bowl, add milk, egg, breadcrumbs, season to taste. Add parsley and crushed garlic. Mix well using your hand. Add the fried mushroom legs&onion and combine very well.

Once the meat mixture is done, we can make our meatballs. What I like to do is take a bit of the meat mixture, flatten it out in my hand, put the mushroom hat in and work the meat so it closes around the hat. Then roll it in your hands, make sure there are no cracks. Repeat until you’re out of the meat mixture. 500g of mince makes for about 14 meatballs.


Once you’re done rolling out your meatballs, heat the oil and brown the meatballs from both sides.(about 4-5 min both side). After that time they should be cooked, but just to be sure, I like to put them in an oven dish lined with tin foil, and give them about 15-20 min in 175C oven.


They’re delicious when warm, but also sensational when cold. Perfect for dinner, snack, party snack or just in a sandwich.


If mushrooms aren’t your thing, you can use cheese or tomatoes instead.  In the cheese option, I put a cube ofgoudaor cheese of your choice in the meatball, and I also like to add some grated parmezan into the meat mixture


In the tomato option, I put a cherry tomato inside, and add sundried tomatoes to the meat mixture. The options are limitless 😉


TIPS: work the meat well, so it’s well combined. Add the milk,egg and breadcrumbs.makes for a nice,fluffy, moist meatball. Brown the meatballs off well, colour means flavour.



here’s how they looked, excuse my carving in the last picture, one of my meatballs kind of fell apart ;P it was still delicious though.



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