chilli con carne recipe :)


Hey everyone!

Sorry for the delay with the chilli con carne recipe, but here I am! I was super busy 😉 now I’m back to give you another portion of kick-ass home made food J

This recipe is so easy to put together and it’s a crowd pleaser for sure, you can feed 4-5 people with it easily, and everyone will be happy J all it needs is some TLC. Let’s get cooking!


500g of beef mince (I use skinny beef)

2 large onions – diced

2-3 large red peppers – diced roughly (use other colours too if you wish)

1 can (400g ) of red kidney beans- drained

1 large can ( 700 g) of brown beans- drained

1 can (400g ) of sweet corn – drained

3 cloves of garlic, – peeled and minced

1 tsp of cumin powder (or more if you wish)

1 tsp of corriander powder (or more if you wish)

1 tsp of chilli flakes ( do make it as hot ot as mild as you want,I want a bit of spice there)

2 tsp of smoked paprika powder

salt, pepper to taste

4 tsp of tomato purée

about 400 mls of water or stock of your choice.(beef stock would work best).

1 tsp of sugar – just in case the sauce is too sharp from the tomato paste

1 tsp of chopped corriander for garnish

secret ingredient… 1 tbsp of good quality dark cocoa! ..yes cocoa ;P


Now, heat up the pan ( I’d use a big pan with high edge, just so it doesn’t spill when you stir like crazy) put the mince and the onion in, and brown it slightly, add the garlic, chilli flakes, cumin,corriander and paprika powder, stir well until all of the onions and meat are coated with the spices. Add salt and pepper. When the meat is browned properly, add the diced peppers and sweat them off with the meat. When they become a tad soft, add tomato paste, turn the heat onto lower and stir that through ( we do that just so the tomato paste doesn’t burn).

When everything is well coated with the tomato paste, add the beans and sweet corn. Combine well and add the water(or stock). It’ll look slightly runny but it’ll reduce when you cook it for further 30-40 min on low heat, so don’t add too much salt in the beginning, you can always add more later. Now after you’ve add the stock/water into the pan, it’s time for the secret ingredient- cocoa. I know it must sound odd,but trust me, it doesn’t taste of chocolate! cocoa just gives it another dimension of bitterness and heat, as it’s not sweet by itself, you won’t taste the cocoa, but it just makes the chilli WAY BETTER, so trust me on this one 😛 stirr it in well,so there are no lumps. (yum!) – it’ll also help thicken up and darken the sauce 🙂

Let it bubble away fro 30-40 min, just so the pepper is nice and soft, mince is cooked and the sauce has reduced slightly. Taste it before serving and then adjust the salt& pepper level, if it needs it- add the sugar.

Serve it in bowls, with a little bit of finely chopped corriander for garnish, I also like to serve sour cream and grated cheese on the side, if someone wants to stir it into his bowl of chilli goodness 😉 tortillas on the side would also be great, just to dip in your sauce.

There it is, no fuss chilli con carne, tasty, easy, comforting 😉 hope you like it, here’s how it looked!


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