Indian cooking CAN be easy :)


Indian curries don’t have to be difficult to make. If they were- I’d probably wouldn’t make them 😉

Today I’m going to show you my take on a traditional chicken madras. It may not be the same as the original, so I apologize for that, but it’s still packed with flavour and it’s quick, delicious and SIMPLE! So let’s get started 😉


For 3 people you will need:


400g of chicken fillet

300 g of basmati rice

250 g of green beans, cleaned, ends cut off, and cut in half (easier to eat)

200mls of crème  fraiche.

1cm of fresh ginger – minced

1 big clove of garlic- minced

1 tea spoon of chili powder

1 tea spoon of ground cumin

1 tea spoon of ground coriander

1 tea spoon of ground fennel seeds

1 tea spoon of ground bayleaf

1 teaspoon of ground cinammon

1 teaspoon of sweet paprika

1 teaspoon of ground cloves

1 teaspoon of turmeric

salt to taste.

About 200 mls of water.

3tbsp of oil


So, as you can see the only slightly complicated part here is remembering all the spices 😉

Feel free to make it as hot or as mild as you want it, if you want it hotter, simply add more chilli.

All those spices can also be replaced by ready to useMadrasseasoning, I know that a brand called Fiddes&Payne has a very good one, everything is ground for you, and sold in a pretty tin.


So, here’s hot we make it:


1)      Cut the chicken into bite-sized pieces and mix all the spices+oil,minced ginger and minced garlic in a bowl. Throw the chicken in and let it marinate for 5 min.

2)      Our sauce will be made during the time the rice is cooking, so start cooking the rice accordingly to the time frame written on the package. Season the water with some salt.

3)      Heat up your pan and fry off the chicken golden. Add the green beans and let them cook through a bit. Add the water- it’ll help your beans steam. After 5 min or so chicken will be ready, then taste the sauce, season to taste with salt, more chili if you want, more turmeric if you want more colour, it’s all up to you.

4)      Once the rice is boiled, drain it and let it rest in the pot it’s been cooking in with the lid on for about 10 min- then we can finish off our sauce.

5)      Add the crème fraiche to the sauce. Stir through until everything’s combined and smooth, and no white specks are visible. Season to taste at the end if it’s needed.

6)      You can serve it with fresh coriander,but it’s optional 😉


The sauce will have rich, yellow colour and it’ll be almost perfumed with spices. Trust me, it’s really easy and delicious. Quick version of an indian classic. Hope you enjoyed my recipe, here’s hot it looked 😉



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