Pipe rigate served with red wine&tomato braised beef.


Today we’ll be making pasta with a beef, red wine & tomato sauce 😉 it might sound complicated, but trust me- none of my cooking is, it’s mostly a question of putting everything into a big pot and letting it cook slowly.. then you’re off the hook 😉 lets get started.


The amount of ingredients will serve 2-3 people.


500g of beef chunks (chuck steak or any kind of stewing cut is fine as long as it has a bit of fat on it- it’ll keep the meat moist)

3 peppers- I used green,red,yellow- diced

2 onions- diced

200ml of dry red wine

3 tsp of tomato purée

2 cloves of garlic

2 tsp of paprika powder

salt,pepper to taste

oil to fry on

350g of pasta – I used Pipe rigate

some green leafs- I used rocket lettuce mix

some water to thin the sauce out with.



Brown off the beef in a pan and add the garlic,paprika and pepper. Don’t salt! That will make the meat tough and chewy. Salt it at the very end. Once it’s browned, take it out of the pan and fry off the peppers and onions. Return the beef into the pan and stir through. Add tomato puree, wine and let the wine reduce. Once it’s cooked out by half add 300ml of water. Let the whole thing stew for about 2 hrs, stirring every now and then. If the sauce reduces too much,add more water and a tad more wine. You can substitute the water with beef stock.


When the sauce is ready and the meat is very tender, season with salt, a tad sugar if it needs it ( might be tart because of the tomato puree) and serve it over pasta, along side some green salad. That’s it 😉 hope you enjoy it!



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