fancy up your pancakes:) (croquettes)


Looking for a way to make a pancake adventurous? 😉 well I have one for you.

The recipe I’m going to share with you today I got from my mom. She has been making those as long as I can remember- usually for new years celebration served with a typically polish beetroot soup- barszcz. We call those krokiety, so in english I suppose you can call them croquettes, and they’re a wonderful way of utilising leftover crepes/pancakes 😉


You can use leftover pancakes or fry new ones if you want,just make sure they’re rather large and pretty thin. Let them cool once they’re fried, then they’re more flexible.


The stuffing my mom makes consists of button mushrooms,onions and bacon. That’s it. But you can add whatever you want to them, cheese,spinach, other types of meat. You can basically stuff them with anything, as long as it’s not too liquid, as pancakes have pores,little holes in them,and the stuffing might seep through.


This stuffing is really simple,you just fry up onions and bacon,then add sliced mushrooms and season it with salt and pepper. Then you let it cool. I used :


250g of smoked bacon

2 onions

750 g of mushrooms – and the amount of stuffing was just enough for 8 croquettes.


You will also need 1 beaten egg and some breadcrumbs.


Once pancakes and stuffing are cooled, spoon over about 2 tbsp of stuffing onto the middle part of the pancake and fold over the sides tightly, then dip it in egg while holding the folded edges with your fingers, coat it with breadcrumbs and put the edge-side down, onto hot oil. It’ll only take 1-2 min to brown and seal, then flip it over,let it brown again. Then they’re ready. It’s important that you cook out your stuffing well, as when you brown and seal the croquettes, it won’t have any extra time to cook through again 😉


I like to serve mine with some fresh rocket. You can have them warm or cold, on their own or on the side of barszcz or any other soup you like. Hope you like them, here’s how they look. Enjoy!





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