The ultimate love potion: dark,homemade chicken soup :)


I’ve  always claimed that nothing says ”I love you” as much as a big, hot bowl of homemade chicken soup 🙂  Last few days I’ve been ill  ( don’t worry only a bad cold 🙂 ) so I decided to make one. You can make it a day in advance, have it just as it is, and then make for example tomato soup out of it the day after :]

For about 3,5 liters of chicken soup you will need:

4 celery stalks –  roughly chopped

5 small carrots, cut in rough, big pieces

4 onions with peels (brown onions)

4 chicken thighs- browned

5 chicken drumsticks- raw as they are

1 big leek- roughly chopped

2 tsp of peppercorns- back ones

A handful of parsley stalks

A handful of lovage leafs – optional


Sea salt

2 strong stock cubes (chicken flavour) optional- I like to add them.

Fresh parsley,  for garnish.

So, what you do is take the onions and peel them. Don’t throw out the peels. We will use them in the stock, and they will add the dark color to it. Take two onions and burn them by sticking a fork into them and holding them above a gas burner on your stove. Once they’re all black, they’re done. Put the celery, carrots, leek, onions, onion peels, chicken pieces, peppercorns, parsley stalks and stock cubes into a big pot. Cover with cold water and slowly bring it up to the boil.  Chicken soup shouldn’t boil rapidly. It must barely simmer. It also must be uncovered while cooking. Once it’s simmering very lightly, leave to boil for about 3-4 hrs , checking on it every now and then, removing any impurities. Once it’s ready, I like to remove all the overcooked vegetables – Only then I season the soup with salt if it needs it. I keep the carrots and throw out the rest. I dice the carrots finely, I strip the chicken meat off the bone and take off the skin..  and keep meat & carrots separately. I strain the chicken soup through a cheese cloth to remove any leftover impurities and some fat. Then I take 2-3 fresh celery stalks, chop them the same size as the carrot and fry them for about 2 min. I leave the condiments separate, so the soup stays good for longer. First I put some chicken, carrot and celery in the bowl, then pour over the soup. I garnish with fresh parsley 😉

This is a great basis for any soup. You could turn it into a tomato soup if you’d like. Here’s how it looked. I tell you, it was delicious 🙂

P.S this is a darker sort of chicken soup, because of all the brown onion peels and peppercorns. don’t worry, it still tastes the same if not better :]


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