Easy no-bake rafaello cake :)


I normally don’t bake a lot, somehow the idea of very precise measuring etc scares me. Baking is really an alchemy to me- as oppose to cooking, which is art- you can add some more of this, or that, and nothing awful will happen. Sometimes you do crave something sweet though..a cake or a pudding.. what do you do then? I look for really easy recipes that can quickly satisfy my sweet tooth. This ”cake” isn’t really a cake, but let’s call it that. You don’t have to bake it or be overly precise.. it’s also delicious. It was inspired by rafaello bon bon – for those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s a bon bon, covered in coconut shards, fillet with sweet, thick custard and an almond. It’s delicious. So I decided to combine those flavours in something that could be called ”Rafaello cake”. Here we go 😉

What you’ll need :

A square or rectangle tin (about 20x20cm)

2 packages of crackers – you can use natural or salted ones (TUC crackers are fine)

1,2 l of whole fat milk

1 big glass of sugar

200g of butter- cold

5 egg yolks

200g of coconut shards

Almond extract – 1 drop, a little goes a looong way.

Coconut extract (optional) 1 drop.

Vanilla extract- 1 tsp

4 tbsp of flour

5-6 tbsp of potato starch (aardappel zetmeel)

A few handfuls of almond flakes – brown them on a dry pan while tossing all the time, until golden. You will need them for decoration.

So, let’s get started. The only cooking process in this cake is making a thick custard. Let’s take it step by step then:

1)      Take a large pan and put 3/4 of your milk in it, heat it up gently with sugar in it, until it disolves.

2)      Whisk your 5 egg yolks in a bowl, add your flower and potato starch. Whisk in and add a touch of milk. It’ll seem a bit thick and lumpy, but it’ll disolve, just keep whisking. Add the milk bit by bit until you’ve used all of it and the lumps in the mixture are gone.

3)      When the milk in the pan is warm but not boiling, add the egg-milk-flower mixture, keep stirring continously while you’re pouring it in.

4)      Once it’s in the pan with the hot milk keep whisking fast all the time. Don’t let the eggs scramble, it’ll seem runny and thin, but it’ll thicken after 1-2 min.

5)      When it gets really thick- sort of like thick bechamel sauce, take it off the heat and add grated coconut. Let the mixture cool completely.

6)      When the mixture is cold, use a mixer, and mix in the cold butter a tablespoon at a time.

7)      Once all the butter is incorporated, add your vanilla, almond and coconut extract. Mix through. It’s ready.

8)      Take your tin and take a few tbsp of the mixture ( it’ll just keep the crackers in place while you smear on the layers. Put the first layer of crackers in, then coconut mixture, then crackers, then mixture. It should be enough for 3 layers of each. Finish off with coconut custard mixture. Sprinkle over the toasted almonds and let it set overnight in the fridge. Once it’s very cold it’ll firm up and will be easier to cut. Enjoy 😉






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