Simple spinach and creme fraiche risotto with chicken :)


Tasty spinach and creme fraiche risotto with pan fried chicken breast 🙂

Risotto is a timeless classic, it’s creamy, it’s filling and made properly – tastes like a milion dollars. Here’s my fresh spinach and creme fraiche risotto, with carmelised chicken breast 😉

What you’ll need to feed 2 people is:

2 shallots- diced finely

1 tbsp of oil

1 tbsp of butter

200g of risotto rice (arborio)

2-3 tbsp of creme fraiche

2 tbsp of cold butter

3-4 handfuls of french spinach – blanched and chopped finely

Salt, pepper

About  1l of stock – chicken or vegetable

2 cloves of garlic

1tsp of dried thyme

1 glass of white wine.

Let’s get started!

Take a heavy-base pan and fry your shallots and garlic on 1tbsp of butter with oil. Once translucent add thyme and the rice. Once the rice has absorbed the oil and became a bit see-through, add the wine and let it absorb it. Once the rice has absorbed the liquid, stard adding the hot stock bit by bit and stir it. Every now and then, when the rice looks dry, add more stock and keep stirring- that will help the rice to release it’s creamy starch. About 10 min before the risotto is ready, heat your pan and pan fry your chicken breast. Season it well with salt and fresh black pepper. Once it’s carmelised well, let it rest,and finish off the risotto. When the rice has absorbed all of your stock and is cooked, turn the heat off, stir in the cold butter, creme fraiche and spinach. Check for seasoning . it’s ready to be served up.

Serve in a deep dish, plate some risotto, carve the meat and serve on top, decorate with fresh herbs- I used chives. Enjoy 😉



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