Three speedy lunch ideas- why not get creative?


I’ve never met a person who doesn’t like lunch, and I don’t want to. However nowadays people seem to forget it.. with their busy lifestyle, short breaks at work they just settle for something awful.

Lunch time shouldn’t be just a part of our day when we buy ourselves something like a greasy burger or eat a muesli bar. It should be celebrated with delicious food,that will give us energy for the rest of the day. So, here are my three lunch ideas, which are healthy, delicious and done in minutes. Now you won’t have any excuse to not eat lunch 😉


My first lunch idea is a classic combination of a bagel, smoked salmon and cream cheese. It’s simply to die for. All I did is toasted off my bagel in the oven, and mixed the cream cheese with fresh dill, black pepper, some capars and zest of half a lemon. You could also add fresh chives or parsley for more of a herbal taste. I smeared it onto the warm bagel, put slices of salmon on top and added a twist of black pepper and some lemon. Simple, ready in 5 minutes.. and it hits all the right buttons.



My second lunch idea is very easy, it can even be done a day in advance. It’s a fresh baguette with lamb’s lettuce and home made tuna salad. I mix canned tuna ( in olive oil) with a table spoon of mayo and a tbsp of ricotta cheese. I add fresh dill, capars, salt,pepper, and chopped gurkins for the acidity. I spread it generously over the baguette. Simply delicious. If you want to, you could take the salad to work in a container and only assemble your sandwich at work, so it stays crispy.



My third lunch idea can be done from last night’s dinner. It’s a tortilla wrap with grilled chicken, peppers, sour cream , barbecue sauce and cherry tomatoes.

Just use chicken from your dinner, you can use breast or thighs- you can also simply grill a chicken fillet.

Put some meat in the middle of your warmed up tortilla, add slithers of pepper ( I like to use yellow) some sliced cherry tomatoes, a tbsp of sour cream and a tbp of barbecue sauce. Wrap it tightly, eat as it is, or cut in half. So easy, yet so tasty- you should really give it a try!






Hope my ideas inspired you to get inventive with your lunch, enjoy!


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