”World’s easiest” part 2- apple cake.


I decided to put the recipe for this cake on here, as I posted the ”world’s easiest plum cake” before.. and mentioned that it’s also possible with apples.. It’s really very simple.. the dough is completely the same as in the plum cake recipe (scroll down for the dough recipe).

The filling is pretty easy too. I peeled and chopped 8 small apples. Fried them off in some butter and waited until they oozed some juices out. Then I added sugar, cinammon and continued cooking them for about 15 minutes, until they were mostly soft. Then I squeezed them down using a fork, so most of them are mushy and sticky. That’s your filling. Just let it cool completely and tip it over onto your dough. (no pre-baking whatsoever). Then I used 1 big apple, sliced very finely, and arranged the slices into what I call a ”rose” pattern. I glazed the slices with some apricott jam, so they don’t dry out. After about 35 minutes in a hot 175C oven , your dough should be golden and baked and your apples warmed through ( they don’t need much as they’re already cooked).

I hope you’ll enjoy it 😉







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