Strogonoff – hearty stew with a refined edge to it:)


Strogonoff is one of my favourite things to cook. It’s not only simple to make, it’s also full of flavour, and it’s really versatile.

Normally  strogonoff is made with beef. I take my own twist on it and cook it with pork. I use pork neck, as it’s perfect for braising, it’s very tender and full of flavour. It’s my own personal preference, you can use beef if you want to. 😉

For 4 people you will need:

About 600g of pork neck (or braising beef) cut into thin,long strips.

400 g of button mushrooms, sliced.

2 onions – diced

2 big red bell peppers – diced

200ml of sour cream

2 tsp of tomato paste

1 clove of garlic

Salt, pepper to taste

2 tsp of paprika powder

1/4 tsp of chili flakes (or powder)

About 700ml of beef stock (or water with 1 beef stock cube)

3 tbsp of flour

3 tbsp of oil

Start by seasoning your meat with salt, pepper, paprika powder and chili flakes. Toss the meat in the spices so its well coated, then toss the meat in the flour , it has to be coated evenly.

Then fry the meat off on hot oil, to sear the edges and juices. Fry until the meat is nice and golden. Don’t let the flour burn though, it will thicken the sauce later.

Once your meat is brown put it aside and on the same oil fry off your onions, mushrooms and peppers. After 5 min (when the veggies are softened) add the meat back in, add your tomato puree and your beef stock.. cook until the meat is tender (about 1,5 hour with pork neck, about 2 hours with beef). At the very end the sauce should be thickened and reduced. Then add the sour cream and stir through well. Check for seasoning at the end.. then it’s ready. You can serve it with potatoes or bread, I love to serve it with tagiatelle pasta 😉 enjoy!


2013-02-13 17.21.59


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