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Carmelised onion tart with rocket & pear salade.


This recipe is simplicity in it’s purest form. The flavour combinations are endless, and you can use whatever you have on hand.. onions, smoked salmon, spring vegetables etc etc.

It might seem difficult at first, because it includes making pastry, but no worries- if you don’t want to make it- you can buy premade quiche or savoury tart pastry in the shop. If you’d like to give it a go and make it from scratch- here’s a simple recipe:


175g plain flour

100g butter – cut into pieces

1 egg yolk.

Pinch of salt.

Method:  For the pastry, put the flour, butter, egg yolk,salt and 4 tsp cold water into a food processor. Using the pulse button, process until the mix binds. Tip the pastry onto a lightly floured surface, gather into a smooth ball, let it rest in the fridge for about 20 min, covered in cling film,then roll out as thinly as you can and cover your greased quiche/tart tin.

This step can also be done by hand, just rub the flour and butter together, until it looks like crumble/wet sand, then add the salt, egg yolk and water, and bring it all together with your hands, knead it into smooth dough- let it rest and then roll it out.


For the filling- I used 5 large onions, some fresh thyme,2 tsp of whole grain mustard, salt, sugar, pepper, 150ml of cream and 4-5 eggs (depending on the size of your tin.. mine is 20cm diameter).

Just fry off your onions cut into half moons in butter. Add your thyme and keep carmelising them until they’re soft, dark brown and sweet (add 1 tsp of sugar to them while they’re still raw, that will speed up the process). When your onions are carmelised, let them cool an whisk your cream,eggs and mustard until the mixture is well combined. You can add extra thyme to that mix if you want to. Season it to taste with salt and pepper.

Once your onions and egg mix are done, take your pastry, put it into buttered tin and blind bake for about 25min in 175C. ( put a piece of baking parchment and some dried beans or raw rice on the parchment) that way the pastry won’t rise.

After 25 min, the pastry will be dry and ready for the mix. Lay your onions in and cover them with egg mix. Make sure onions are distributed evenly. You can add some fresh thyme on top, or even add a sprinkling of cheese like gruyere if you’d like to.

Bake for another 40 min in 170C or until the pastry is golden brown and the egg is set. Let it cool to room temperature before serving.


Serving tip : tastes great with a fresh salade of rocket,balsamic dressing and fresh pear. You can also add blue cheese and walnuts to the salade, to make it more indulgent;)

Enjoy! 😉

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