Lecso – a taste of hungary :)


Lecso is a hungarian pepper-onion stew. It might seem a bit weird at first, but the flavours are meant for eachother.

I like to make it during the summer, as it’s fresh, bright and vibrant.. and only needs some fresh bread with it, to dip in the delicious sauce 😉

There are a lot of variations of lecso. Some are vegetarian, I however like to use some bacon and sausage in mine- takes it from a vegetable side dish, to a lovely main course!

serves 4-5

6 bell peppers – 2 red, 2 yellow , 2 green – cut into strips

2 courgettes – cut into half-slices

4 onions – cut into half slices

400g of fresh tomatoes- I use cherry tomatoes- and cut them in half

4 cloves of garlic

4 sausages- about 500g, I used smoked, polish sausage,because it has a strong flavour (half slices)

250g of smoked bacon – diced

3-4 tbsp of oil

2 -3 tsp of tomato paste


2-3 tsp of sweet paprika powder

1-2 tsp of hot paprika powder or cayenne pepper

200-300ml of water

some sour cream for topping,

bread for serving.

Now this is really DEAD simple. all you need to do is fry off your onions with bacon and sausage, in your oil. when the onions lose their raw look, add the garlic, paprika powder and cayenne and stir well, so the spices coat all the meat and onions.

then add your tomatoes and peppers, salt and sugar. that will help break the tomatoes down. add your tomato paste, black pepper and water. simmer for about 20 min, then add the courgettes and simmer until everything is soft and cooked through. (about 15-20min more).

I like lecso a bit soupy, so I add all the water, to get a lot of sauce, you can add less if you want to.

at the very end I season to taste if needed with salt,pepper and sugar. I sometimes add more cayenne- but make it as mild or as spicy as you want to 😉

serve in a big bowl with a dollop of sour cream – and some fresh bread. You really can’t beat this dish.. enjoy!


2013-05-03 17.20.53



2013-05-03 17.21.01


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