Italian style bruschetta


Bruschetta may sound like a fancy italian meal, it is however toasted bread with a tasty topping. You can eat it as it is- as a snack, a starter or a side dish.. it’s tasty and simple, ready in just a few minutes, so why not give it a try?

serves 4:

1 large ciabatta bread loaf, cut into 8 thick slices

1 tbsp of butter

1 clove of garlic


2 large tomatoes

basil leafs to garnish.

about 10-15g of pecorino cheese (parmezan or grana padano are good too).

Take the bread slices and place them on a baking sheet, crush the garlic clove into a small , microwave appropriate bowl, and place the butter in it. Microwave for about 30sec until the butter melts. brush the melted butter onto the slices of bread, making sure you cover them well (one side is enough). season with salt and pepper, and place into a pre-heated oven,150-160C for about 5-8min, or until the bread gets a little crispy & slightly golden.

In the meantime you can prepare your topping. Cut your tomatoes open and remove the seeds and the crown. Cut the rest of the tomato flesh into small cubes, season with salt,pepper (you can add balsamic vinegar or olive oil,or a variety of herbs-use what you like).

When the bread is ready,place it on a plate, spoon over some filling, garnish with basil and cheese. serve right away. 😉 enjoy!


2013-07-28 17.20.57




2013-07-28 17.20.49


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