Summer Caesar’s Salade


There’s nothing better than a fresh, crispy salade in the middle of a hot summer day. This salade is my version of a world famous Caesar’s salade. It might not be the most authentic thing in the world, but trust me- the flavours are there, and it’s worth a try for sure.

Serves 4:

4 little gem lettuce, stems cut off, torn into bite-size pieces,washed & dried

2 large chicken fillets, cut into strips

1 large egg, whisked, seasoned with salt & pepper

100g of plain flour

150g of breadcrumbs

large amount of oil, to shallow-fry the chicken in.

10-15 g of grana padano cheese per person (parmezan or pecorino are good too)

4 tsp of light may

4 tsp of greek yoghurt

1 clove of garlic

juice of half a lemon

8 slices of ciabatta bread- toasted in the oven.


For this recipe you will need three plates.  Put your flour into one, your egg into the second and breadcrumbs into the third.

Season your chicken strips with salt,pepper(or with any seasoning you like). toss them well, so they’re all covered equally.

throw them into your flour-plate and toss until they’re all covered with a thin layer of flour. Then place them all in the egg, and toss until they’re all covered in a sticky layer of egg, only to throw them into the breadcrumbs, and toss again, until they’re all evenly covered with breadcrumbs.

Throw your chicken strips one by one into the hot oil and shallow-fry until they’re golden from both sides. When they are,remove them from the pan onto a sheet of kitchen paper, to drain the excess oil.

When all of your chicken is ready, let it cool slightly, while you make the dressing for the salade.

In a large bowl mix mayo, yoghurt,lemon juice, a small pinch of salt and pepper. Mix well. add the crushed garlic and mix until well combined. Add your lettuce and toss patiently, until all of the leaves are dressed.

Place the leaves on the serving plates.Add even portions of chicken, shave some cheese over the top, and add a final few drops of lemon juice. serve with the croutons on the side. Enjoy 😉


2013-07-29 18.21.53




2013-07-29 18.22.09


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