Coffee & caramel panna cotta with toffee sauce,carmelised bananas and walnuts


This is another flavour combo you can try out while making panna cotta. Essentially- you can flavour it however you want, sky’s the limit.. that’s what makes this dessert so great and versatile. Today I’ve made coffee-caramel panna cotta, with brown sugar, walnuts and carmelised bananas, along side toffee sauce. I think this combo really works, it’s rich and decadent, just what you need every now and then to spoil yourself completely rotten, without worrying about the waist-line too much 😉

serves 4

250ml full fat cream

250ml milk

3 heaped tsp of instant coffee powder

1 tsp of vanilla extract

5-6 heaped tbsp of soft, brown sugar

2 bananas

12 walnuts

4 extra tsp of brown sugar for decoration

1 tbsp of white sugar for carmelising the bananas

75ml of cream

50g of butter

4 leaves of gelatine, soaked in cold water for 10-15min.

Now,let’s get started, it really isn’t that difficult, just follow these steps:

1)      in a heavy based sauce pan heat up your 50g of butter, 75ml of cream and 6 tbsp of brown sugar, keep stirring until the mixture disolves and becomes smooth. When it comes to a boil let it simmer for 2-3 minutes, until it’s syrupy and becomes to thicken up a little.

2)      when the mixture is syrupy, you’ve got your toffee sauce. Remove 4 tbsp of it from the pot into a  separate dish- you’ll use it later as a sauce/decoration. it might seem a bit runny, but it will thicken up significantly as it cools down.

3)      add the 250ml of cream and 250ml of milk to the remaining toffee sauce in the pot and stir in well. add your instant coffee powder, vanilla extract and let it come to a boil. then take it off the heat completely.

4)      take your gelatine, squeeze out the excess water and place them in the pan with hot milk/cream mixture. stir until the gelatine disolves completely. it’s very important that you do not cook the mixture anymore after adding the gelatine, just let it ”rest”, and cool slightly.

5)      Your panna cotta mix is ready, you can now place it in 4 forms, it doesn’t really matter what you set it in, I used cappuccino cups, as long as they’re even size, it’s okay.

6)       oil your forms very delicately, it will make panna cottas come out much easier, then pour the cooled mix into the forms, dividing it evenly. cover with cling film and place in the fridge for at least 4-5 hours, or until it’s fully set and jelly-ish.

7)      when your panna cottas are ready, you can finish the dessert off by cutting your bananas into slices, sprinkling them with sugar and blow-torching them until carmelised, or placing them under a hot grill for a minute or two.

8)      the final assembly of your dessert: smear a generous amount of toffee sauce on the bottom of your plate. turn your panna cotta out and place it on one side, place the bananas on the side, add a sprinkling of brown sugar on top of the panna cotta. place your walnuts (one on top of the panna cotta). The panna cotta will appear to be double-layered,as the coffee will settle to the bottom slightly, which makes for an interesting effect 😉 enjoy!


2013-08-09 20.04.15


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