Dutch potato-cabbage mash with lardons and chicken ”cordon bleu”


Dutch cooking is something I was never really drawn to.It seemed a bit too..hmm bland and not very exciting-no offense to anyone;)- I came accross this recipe while watching a dutch cooking show, and I’ve decided to give it a try-why not? I’m glad I did because it came out delicious, and even though I don’t cook dutch very often- this recipe will definitely become a part of my cooking repertoir.

serves 4:

1kilo of potatoes: peeled and cut into chunks (starchy ones will be good,they make a nicer puree).

1 small pointed cabbage (spitskool) cut into thin slithers

200g of smoked bacon lardons

50g of butter

about 100ml of warm milk

salt,pepper to taste

a pinch of nutmeg (about 1/4 of a tsp)

4 chicken fillets

8 slices of cured Schwarzwald ham

about 100g of gruyere cheese, cut into matchsticks

1 large egg, beaten

about 100g of flour

250-300g of breadcrumbs for coating

fresh chives

1 tsp of granulated garlic

200-300 ml of oil- to shallow fry in

about 20 toothpicks

1)      put your potatoes into salted water and bring them up to a boil. it will take about 15-20min for them to fully cook. In the meantime fry off your lardons (in a separate,deep pan)so they’re nice and brown, add your cabbage, stir well, make sure the bacony-oil coats the cabbage well. add salt and a generous amount of pepper to taste. add a tiny splash of water and your granulated garlic,just to create some steam.Cook for about 10 min,stirring every now and then- the cabbage must be cooked through,but retain some of it’s bite.

2)      Once your potatoes are fully cooked, drain them and let them steam dry for a minute. add your butter and start mashing. if they seem too dry, add milk- bit by bit, until you have the texture you’re happy with. (Don’t make it too runny, the cabbage will be mixed into it, and that will add some water to it). Make sure your mash is seasoned well with salt,pepper and nutmeg.  then add your cabbage mix, stir it through well, combining all the elements. set aside,with the lid on for now, it’ll remain hot.

3)      take your chicken fillets and pat them dry with some kitchen paper. Use a sharp knife to make an incision lenghtways- cut a pocket into the meat, but don’t cut it all the way through. just enough to make a pocket you can fill with ham & cheese with.

4)      season the chicken from inside and out with salt and pepper, place 2 slices of ham and 1/4 th of your cheese inside the pocket,press firmly together, you can use toothpicks to pin it together tightly, so nothing falls out.

5)      prepare 3 plates, one with flour, one with beaten egg and one with breadcrumbs.  dip your chicken in that order: flour, egg and breadcrumbs, before placing it in fairly hot oil. make sure you coat it evenly and no spots are left un-breaded 😉

6)      shallow fry on each side just so the coating goes dark brown and crispy, then take it out of the pan and place it in the oven, so the chicken finishes cooking through- about 10 min in 150C (depending on the fillet size) should do.

7)      You can reheat your mash now,if you think it’s lost too much of it’s heat, if you do that, add a bit of extra milk to it. place a generous amount of mash on your plate, sprinkle with some fresh chives- for extra colour and texture. take your chicken, cut in half – a bit diagonally, place cut side up for presentation. remember to look out for toothpicks when eating 😉

enjoy! 😉


2013-09-02 17.56.01


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