Smoked salmon and fresh spinach lasagne


There’s no denying that lasagne is one of the most beloved,italian dishes out there. Maybe because it’s so traditional etc- people are doubtful about putting a new twist on it. Despite my husband’s objections about making a fish lasagne ( he loves the traditional bolognese version), I’ve decided to give it a try. It came out great, so I’m hoping some of you will also give it a go 🙂

serves 4-5

an oven dish – mine is square,about 20x20cm

12-14 lasagne sheets (natural or verdi)

about 600g of smoked salmon

600g of fresh spinach

75g of butter

75g of flour

about 300-350ml of milk


a handful of fresh dill & chives

200g of creme fraiche

2 egg yolks

butter for greasing the baking dish.

1 tbsp of oil

1 tsp of granulated garlic

40g of grated parmezan

1)      take a large pot, and heat up some oil for frying off the spinach. throw in your spinach, and let it wilt for about 1min, once all the leaves are wilted- remove the spinach from the pot and place it into a bowl. You may have to do it in a few batches- depending on the size of your pot.

2)      Once all of your spinach is fried off, suqeeze all the water out of it, and there’s a lot of it, so use your muscles 🙂 you don’t want a watery lasagne filling! when you squeeze the water out: chop it up a bit, I use scissors and chop it right in the bowl 🙂 then season the spinach with salt,pepper and garlic powder. set aside.

3)      make your bechamel sauce, by heating up the butter in a saucepan, melt it completely before adding the flour. mix using a whisk, fry the flour off, to remove the raw flour taste, let it bubble for about 2-3min while constantly stirring. add your milk and keep stirring until the mixture starts to become thick. don’t let it boil like crazy, a very gentle bubble is more than enough. Once the mixture is thick and there are no lumps, turn it off, season to taste with salt,pepper and nutmeg and let it cool slightly (about 10 min) before adding  2 egg yolks. (once you’ve added them,stir them in quickly with a whisk,so they don’t scramble.) that’s your bechamel ready.

4)      preheat your oven to about 160C, butter the baking dish generously. You will need to divide your spinach,salmon and bechamel into 3 portions, just so you can make sure you have enough of everything.

5)      Making layers is pretty easy. you just overlap the layers, until you finish all the ingredients off. start with spinach and bechamel as a base and take it from there. All I do extra is that I put 2 tbsp of creme fraiche on top of the salmon layer,and smear it out-then add some dill and chives for extra flavour. (also,keeps the fish moist). other than that, you’re pretty much to layer them as you wish.. remembering that the last layer MUST be bechamel.

6)      once you are finished layering the lasagne, sprinkle the top with a thin coating of parmezan cheese. bake for about an hour, or until the top is nice and golden, and the pasta inside is soft.

7)      serve with a simple green salade or steamed brocolli.

enjoy 😉

2013-09-03 18.17.39


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