Polish potato cakes with ”farmer’s sauce”


For sometime now, I wanted to make ”placki ziemniaczane”, or what You might know as ”rosti”. If you still don’t know what they are- they’re sort of a potato cake,made of grated potato,egg,some flour,seasoning,fried in hot oil and then baked.They’re very popular in Poland, and everyone knows how to make them.There’s a couple of ways of serving them, on their own, with sour cream, sweet-style with sugar and cream, or the way I decided to make them today- with a savoury sauce.

Usually they would be served with ”hungarian style sauce”, something like goulasch and maybe some sour cream or cheese as a topping. My version today is much quicker and lighter. I came up with the idea of calling it ”farmer’s sauce”, feel free to call it whatever you want though 😉

for 6-8 potato cakes:

6-7 large potatoes, peeled & coarsly grated

1 large egg

1 large onion, grated

generous seasoning of salt and pepper

3-4 tbsp of plain flour

for the ”farmer’s ” sauce:

150g of button mushrooms, sliced

150 og of smoked bacon lardons

2 large onions, diced

1 large,green pepper,sliced

2 heaped tsp of tomato puree

salt,pepper to taste

1 tsp of paprika powder

about 100ml of water

1)      mix the grated potatoes, grated onion, flour,egg , salt & pepper, into a thick mix. Dollop heaped spoonfull’s of the mix onto the hot oil (not too hot) fry for about 5min each side, until golden and crispy,drain them off any excess oil-on some kitchen paper,then transfer the potato cakes onto a baking sheet and bake for about 15min, 180C, to cook them through and keep them hot, while you’re making the sauce.

2)      the sauce is dead simple. fry off your lardons, on a dry pan-they will release enough fat of their own. add your onions and fry until nice and soft, slightly golden. then add your mushrooms, and pepper slices. fry for 2-3min before adding the tomato puree, fry for 2 min more and add the water. season with pepper and paprika powder. simmer on low heat for about 10min- or until your potato cakes are done, and the sauce is thick. Check if it needs salt at the very end (don’t add the salt beforehand, the lardons will be salty, so only check at the end if you need any more seasoning).

3)      serve hot potato cakes with the ”farmers”’ sauce, preferably separately- so people can have as much sauce on their cakes , as they want- also, serving it separately, prevents the potato cakes from getting soggy.You could serve some sour cream or grated cheese as an additional flavour punch 🙂



2013-09-16 18.18.55


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