Creamy asparagus soup


This is a very easy soup,like everything I cook basically.This time I mean it almost don’t need a recipe, but I’m going to give it to you anyway! Asparagus is in season now, so we really should take advantage of them while we can 🙂 they’re going to be gone in june already! this is an alternative to your usual buttered asparagus or asparagus with hollandaise sauce. Easy and tasty.

Ingredients (4 servings)

1kg of white asparagus

2 potatoes -about 250g, peeled,finely diced.(or caulliflower,if you’re on a gluten free diet)

about 1l of chicken or vegetable stock(You might need a bit less or more,depending on how thick you like your soup.)

100ml of whipping cream

salt,pepper to taste.

2 slices of cooked ham per person

about 1/2 or a whole, hard boiled egg per person.

optionally: watercress or chives for decoration.


1)peel about 1kg (or more if you wish) white asparagus, separate the tips for later. Cut the rest in 2-3cm pieces . Important: don’t throw away the asparagus peels, we will use them to infuse the chicken stock later:)

2) bring the chicken stock to the boil and throw all the asparagus peels into the pot.Let them cook for about 15-20min, on a medium heat.That will provide a big asparagus flavour boost into your stock, which is surely worth the extra step.

3) after the peels have infused the stock you can either fish them out just like that,or give them a quick blitz with a hand blender, just to extract any bit of flavour left in them.I like to that,just a quick blitz,then I strain the stock through a collander and throw the peels out.

4) When we have out amazing asparagus stock ready, we can proceed with the soup itself. Toss in your asparagus (without the tips) and the potatoes. Potatoes will add extra richness,thickness and body to your soup.If you’re gluten free though,you can use the same amount of caulliflower.Cook until the asparagus and the potatoes are tender.(About 15min,I like to have them softer,not really al dente, because let’s face it,it’s a soup,we want them nice and soft.)

5)When everything is nice and soft, take your hand blender and mix everything until smooth.Add the cream,season generously with salt and pepper(or to taste).Your soup is ready.

6) I cook the asparagus tips separately in some salted water,about 2-3 min or just until they’re tender. I strain them, then place a nice portion in the middle of the plate, pour the soup around,place some ham and the egg on top.I decorate it with watercress, as I like the sharp flavour against the sweetness and creamyness of the rich soup 🙂

I hope you enjoy it!


2014-04-25 18.14.39





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