Stir fried noodles and marinated pork


This is something that I honestly just threw together in a hurry, it seemed like a good idea and indeed it was.Full of veggies,full of flavour. After having a taste I knew I had to put it up on my blog.

It’s not authentic chinese, it’s just my interpretation of what a stir fried noodle dish could look like.Feel free to substitute the pork with anything else- sliced steak,pork tenderloin,prawns,fish,minced beef or just keep it vegetarian. It’ll all work well in the end!


For 3 generous portions I used:

About 300g of pointy white cabbage,thinly sliced (you can use chinese cabbage-chop it a bit more coarse then.. or regular white cabbage,just slice it very thinly)

1 pointy red pepper, (sweet in flavour) sliced

3 carrots, cut into julienne

1 small leek cut into julienne

1 large onion, cut into half-slices

4 thick,boneless pork schnitzels, cut into battons

Soy sauce

Sesame oil


Fresh ginger

Fresh and dried chillies

Sichuan pepper


Sweet paprika powder

Maggi (liquid form)

Some sesame to garnish

Wok noodles (mine are the type you add to the wok raw,then you add water and stir-fry until the water is absorbed,you can use any type of noodles,those are egg noodles,feel free to use glass noodles,rice noodles,soba noodles,angel hair noodles or whatever you like.You can also use some noodles you have left from the day before, if not,just cook some and cool them before stir frying).

1)      First off I marinated the pork with sliced onion, 3 crushed cloves of garlic, 1cm of grated ginger, ½ tsp of sichuan pepper, ½ tsp of paprika powder, ½ tsp of hot chili flakes, 2tbsp of soy sauce,2 tsp of sesame oil, 1tbsp of maggi. I mixed it all together and let it marinate for about an hour,covered in the fridge.

2014-06-30 14.48.58


2)      While your pork is marinating, you can slice all your veggies and get them ready for frying. The usual mistake people make with stir frying is not preparing all the ingredients beforehand..then your meat is already overcooking and you’re still trying to chop your veggies. Do your mise-en-place in advance, saves a lot of trouble!

2014-06-30 15.11.05

3)      When your veggies are sliced and your pork is marinated, heat up a wok with some neutral , high smoking point oil in it. While it’s heating up chop  1cm of fresh ginger,1 hot chili and 2 cloves of garlic.I used a small food processor, as you can see in the pics.

2014-06-30 14.58.49

4)      Your wok is nice and hot, now throw in your meat with all the marinade and sear it well,you don’t want to cook it all the way through,just  more or less for about 2min max. When that’s done,remove the meat from the pan,onto a plate and bring your wok back up to the temperature.

5)      Now it’s the time to bring it all together,so have all of your ingredients on hand J when the wok is nice and hot and your ginger-chili-garlic mix and fry for 30sec until nice and aromatic.(holy trinity of asian cooking!). Add your carrots and fry for about a minute,then add your leeks, fry for another minute,continue stirring. Add your cabbage and fry for about 3min,until it’s starting to wilt. Then add your red pepper and place the meat back into the pan. At this stage I add my raw noodles and add water,soy sauce,pepper and mix until it’s absorbed  and cooked through..You however can add the meat along with your pre-cooked , cold noodles and stir until the meat and noodles are back up to the desired temperature. Check the seasoning at the end for soy sauce or salt,you can also add more chili or some sweet chili sauce, it’s all up to you! serve with some sesame on top, enjoy!

2014-06-30 16.14.34



2014-06-30 16.18.56


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