Ultimate Swedish Meatballs!!! (sorry Ikea)


I know I say this A LOT, but swedish meatballs are really simple to make. I have been a fan of ikea meatballs for a while now, but I know that they’re not really made of meat.. therefore I have decided to try to make some of my own.
I found a lot of recipes.. some really basic and some weird- with a grated apple in the meat mix.I decided to stick to the basic version at first..and when they came out all delicious and divine, I was sold.
for about 25 meatballs:
500g minced meat (mixed of beef and pork,for some fatyness,otherwise your meatballs will be dry!)
1 medium onion, shredded or finely diced in a food processor.
8-10 slices of simple white toast bread, no crusts!
about 100ml of cold milk
salt,pepper and grated nutmeg
That’s all you need for the meatball mix. Grate or shred the onion in the food processor (that’s what I do), add to the mince meat, then shred the white bread in the processor very finely and also throw into your meat mix. It’s important not to use dried breadcrumbs, they just don’t taste the same.Use fresh white bread. Season to taste with salt and generously with black pepper. I add about 1/3 of grated nutmeg to the mix, then I add the milk and mix very well with my hand. You’ll have a sticky mix that needs to swell in the fridge for at least a couple of hours,preferably overnight. (the bread needs to absorb all the moisture,get all soft and the whole thing just needs to sit together and get really familiar with eachother ;). )
After 3-4 hours minimum, you can use your meat mix. form about 25 walnut sized meatballs , preheat a heavy based skillet with a bit of oil and brown your meatballs evenly.Once they’re all browned , remove from the pan and set aside for now.
Cooking and making the  meatball sauce:
You will need
1-2 tbsp of additional butter
500ml of dark beef stock
3-4 tbsp
100ml of whipping cream
possibly worcestershire to taste( if you don’t like it leave it out).
Use the oil you have in the pan (some more should come out of the meat when we’re browning the meatballs) to make a dark roux. ( mix of fat and flour that’s been fried off and used to thicken the sauce).
Add the butter into the pan and mix with a wooden spoon,making sure all the carmelised bits and leftover of the meatballs that were in the pan are loose and off the bottom of the skiller. They will flavour the sauce, but we don’t want them to burn.
Once the butter is melted, add your flour and stir it in, keep mixing on a low heat until it gets golden brown and foamy. Don’t let it burn, don’t leave it, just keep stirring 😉
Once your roux is ready, add your beef stock and keep mixing-I like to use a whisk at this stage, it prevents any lumps from forming in the sauce.Keep stirring and heating up the sauce continously until the sauce thickens up. Then season it to taste with salt, pepper and nutmeg, add the cream , 1 tbsp of worcestershire sauce then mix them in well. Add all of your meatballs back into the pan full of sauce, cover them well with sauce,put the lid on, turn the gas onto the lowest possible setting and simmer for about 15 min, or until the meatballs are cooked through. (NOTE: the sauce does need a good grating of nutmeg just to offset the flavours in the meat).
You can serve your meatballs with whatever you like, Ikea serves them with fries, I like them with simply boiled potatoes, cooked in salted water, with some chives or dill over them, the signature ikea meatball lingonberry-sauce (available in their swedish food shop), some little gem lettuce and red cabbage (pickled). Feel free to serve them with whatever you like though 😉
here’s how they looked! enjoy! 😉



2014-06-10 17.13.18


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