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Jello cake, perfect for kids.


Jello, or as we call it in polish “galaretka”, is an awesome,awesome thing. It’s sweet,fruity,refreshing, it wobbles..and you can make it out basically anything. Wine,tea,fruit juices,champagne,booze,beer-You name it!

This is a jello cake I made in a bundt cake form (in polish it’s babka form). I used store bought jello powders, mainly because of the intense colours.

This fake-cake serves about 10-12 slices. 


2 red jellos (I used cherry and strawberry)

4 green jellos ( I used two apple&kiwi  and two gooseberry flavours)

About 50-100ml of cream

About 1-2 g of butter

Red and blue food colouring

Some patience 😉


1)      Step one is basically making the jellos. I made them in smaller amount of water than they advised on the packaging. (they said 500ml I used about 400ml,so it sets better and faster.)

2)      I  put the jello powders in separate bowls( all jello powders apart from the 2 gooseberry jellos,those I reserve for later.) cherry and strawberry go into separate bowls, kiwi&apple can go in together,because it’s the same flavour.Add boiling water,mix until the powder is disolved. When the mix is a bit cooler, add half of the cherry jello into a separate bowl, also add half of the kiwi&apple jello into a separate bowl. You should have 5 bowls by now.

3)      Add a few drops of red food colouring into the strawberry jello and make it even more red and intense.

4)      Add a few drops of blue colouring to half of the cherry jello to make it nice and dark blue. Add only a tiny bit of the blue colouring to the remaining cherry jello to make it purple.

5)      Add  a bit of blue to the half of the green jello to make it turqoise, leave the other green jello as it is.

6)      When all the mix is starting to cool significantly,add a splash of cream to all of them,that will make the colours pop and they won’t be see through anymore. Pour all the jellos into separate containers and leave in the fridge to set. The colours will split , because the cream will float to the top,giving you a cool double-effect jello.

7)      When the jellos are setting, mix your remaining two jellos with hot water (about 800ml for both of them), stir until disolved, let it cool,then add a few drops of blue colouring and some cream- that is going to be your jello casing for all the jello pieces, and you want it to be nice colour such as turqoise-aqua green-blue sort of thing.

8)      Remove all your set jellos from the fridge,cut into rough squares or other shapes.

9)      Grease your bundt cake tin with a tiny bit of butter.(I mean TINY!) , place all of your jello cubes in, overlapping the colours,so its nice and psychodelic..then pour over the cooled turqoise jello. Let it set in the fridge overnight.

10)   When you’re ready to serve, just place the tin in a sink full of hot water for about 5 seconds. The jello will slide easily out of the form that way.